Summer Lovin’

It’s still early in the summer, a perfect walk down by Nanjicheon Park at the World Cup Park.


Getting there:,+Seongsan+2(i)-dong,+Seoul/Nanjicheon+Park,+Sangam-dong,+Mapo-gu,+Seoul/@37.5701587,126.8847648,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x357c99179f9302f7:0xee333508ae62f18a!2m2!1d126.899212!2d37.569654!1m5!1m1!1s0x357c996a555269a9:0x8c4807eb3354c25e!2m2!1d126.886869!2d37.574143!3e3?hl=en


Or just walk…


Livin la Vida Loca

It was crazy to find an un-Korean like surrounding in a residential neighborhood outside Seoul. Latin American art… so vibrant, so distinct in their culture, history and religion, giving a sense of awe and calmness. Their music invites you to dance and just let go. Their food simply works well with endless conversations among family and friends.

Getting there:

33-15, Daeyang-ro #285 Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Metro line 3 to Samsong, Exit 8 and bus 703, 53 to Goyang-dong plus a 10 min walk

Poppy Love

It’s just how puppy love is… The feeling of love is young and fresh. It’s exciting and we always find ourselves smiling… Poppy Love…


Simple bed of poppies


Amongst the green barley


And amongst the little yellow flowers


We look forward to the feeling.


We love to keep the memories of love

Getting there:

Sangdong Lake Park
Take the line 7 metro train to Samsan Gymnasium Station, Exit 1

May 2014 and 3 years after…

This month marks our 3 year stay in Seoul.


met and made friends,
explored and hiked every nook and roads, trails and peaks,
ate and cooked,
studied and created something,
took and collected pictures…

and often, I hear my friends say I should start my own blog… Hmmmm……

I did start this wordpress site years ago and it has been sitting empty since then. Pray! Pray hard that I keep up with blogging.



P.S. Note to self… keep it simple, find God in all things, happiness…

Noeul Park (World Cup Park), Mapo-gu, Seoul

The World… at the Palm of my Hands

Nanji-do at Mapo-gu

From years of being a monstrous garbage dumpsite…

to a lifetime of being the most productive and the most beautiful park…

It has been a dream to have this commitment to love and care for our surroundings and now we know we can fulfill that dream. Thank you for the lessons and the experience. Let’s pass it on…

Have a glimpse of the different parks at the World Cup Park.


Nanjicheon Park

A (4)

Life starts at Noeul Park


Haneul Park


Hangang view at Haneul Park


Haneul Park


Nanjicheon Park entrance


Pyeonghwa Park


Pyeonghwa Park


Nanji Eco-Wetland


Nanji Eco-Wetland


Getting there:

World Cup Park Station, Exit 1 and walk towards the World Cup Stadium and cross the street to Mapo Agricultural and Marine Products Market… and start walking, follow the signs and arrows for direction or just get lost in its natural beauty.


Jinhae Blooms

It would have been different on a clear day, but I love how the rain embraced Jinhae’s blooms.


My strong bunch


Relaxing rain and stream sound


Spring rain petals


Magical and the Koreans know it… #photozone

Getting there:

Take 3 hours KTX  ride from Seoul to Masan Station and take the 760 local bus